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Once again, as you can clearly see by the almost already well known scenery, I’m studying Constitutional Law as it’s currently the most important subject to me. I have to admit that I’m quite enjoying in studying as it is really interesting and it is one of those subjects that are broadening your horizons :).

Anyway, as you can see, today - well, tonight, I’m studying on the floor of my room because sometimes I just need to change the scenery, even if that means sitting on the floor instead of chair and desk, but I don’t mind. It’s not important where you study, but that you study. There were times, and I’m not joking, when I was even studying in the bathroom. Sometimes it was just the best place to study. Really, as I said, it’s not important where or when you study, but only that you’re studying :).

Tonight, I’m listening to Hurts while I’m doing revision of the first 130 pages because I always love to do some revision after I pass a certain number of pages. It’s important for me to do that so I can continue with the further studying. Revision gives me self confidence and I see if I have to work more on some chapter or not. Trust me, it really helps :).

My study notes are growing as you can tell, becoming a bit more colourful, but in my notebook I’ve used only four colours so far - green, purple, red and orange. I don’t like too much colour because it can be quite distracting, but I also am not fond of black and white.

As always, there’s my bottle of water and tonight, there’s my currently favourite cup, the one I bought in New York, filled with some Nescafe coffee because it will be a long night.

Oh, what a fun way to spend a Friday night, no :D?

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